7 Days of

healthy habits

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What’s the problem that the 7 Days of Healthy Habits Workbook solves?


Everyday we are so busy with our lives ~ trying to take the dog out, get the kids on the bus, or get to work; We forget to take a minute for ourselves. People often express  “not having the time” or that they “don’t know how”. This 7 Days of Healthy Habits Workbook will teach you discipline and give you a guide to your day. It is a reminder that we need to take time for ourselves. Everyday we are trying to be the hero of our family, job, friends, everything that we connect in this world with. Sometimes we forget about us and rush straight into our to do list. But the first thing that needs to be on your to do list is YOU. This workbook will give you a way to connect with yourself before you connect with the world.

Why is this workbook important?


If we care for our mind, heart, and body first, then we can take care of others. The most important person that you need to care off is YOU!


What is the outcome of this workbook?


This workbook is a tool and guide to energize yourself by taking care of YOU first so that you can give the best version of you to the rest of the world!