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    Mon, Jan 13
    One Healthy Habit a Day Challenge
    2020 is our year for creating healthy habits and releasing all that no longer serves us! Join me in practicing One Healthy Habit A Day beginning in January 13th!
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    Thu, Oct 17
    Building Your Core Strength From the Inside Out!
    Having a strong “CORE” or as I call it “POWER HOUSE” is extremely important. Just like building a house, the foundation of it needs to be strong or it will crumble. The same happens with our bodies.
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    Thu, Jul 18
    5 week Mastermind Study Group
    "The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth" Self Leadership Development
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    Sat, Jun 15
    Wherever you are!
    One Healthy Habit a Day Challenge
    I am challenging YOU, your friends, family, and community to a 15 day wellness challenge which will consist of changing an unhealthy habit or adding a healthy one to your daily routine.
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    Sun, Feb 17
    Grey Owl Mind-Body Studio
    Valentines Day Partner Yoga
    oin Mariana Thomas, yoga instructor and certified John Maxwell coach, for a unique offering combining Partner Yoga and a Couples Communication workshop leveraging the insightful DISC Personality Assessment.
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    Thu, Jan 24
    6 week Mastermind Study Group
    "Developing The Leader Within You 2.0" Mastermind Group including a DISC Personality Assesment
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    Thu, Oct 25
    8 week Mastermind Study Group
    Lets discover your one thing and increase our leadership capacity in many levels of our lives.
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    Wed, Mar 21
    The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: A Leadership Group Study
    Complimentary 4 Week Sessions - New Group Starts March 21st!
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    Sun, Mar 04
    Anytime Fitness
    Vision Planning Workshop
    This fun and intentional workshop links the present to the future and shows how you intend to move toward your vision in this new year. Mariana will guide the process and teach you several techniques to creating your vision and move towards your goals.

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