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Hi friends!

Hi friends!

YOU got this!

Checking on you and your intentionality since we last connected?

This message is inspired by my daughter who is graduating college this month! You heard that right, I have a college kid. WOW!

This is exciting and scary at the same. Now, let me tell you little story I haven’t shared with many.... I didn’t actually bring my daughter from Bogota, Colombia until she was done with high school, that means she too didn’t have English completely down when she got here. All she had was as determination, the support of her mother and the words I always told her, “ You got this and live an energetic life that matters.”

She is graduating today as a Biochemical Engineer and I’m one proud mama!

Why do I tell you this story? Because I want you to know that no matter what you are working on or going through, YOU got this.

You may have more questions than answers right now, but YOU got this.

There are moments when you want to give up, but you won’t because YOU got this.

The minute we believe we got it, we actually do.

Our thoughts changes our actions. So my friend, let’s get to work because YOU got this.

I am here for you!

~ Mariana

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