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How Do You Show Up?

If you know me, you know that I am a confident person and that I tend to see life through a lens of positivity. I also admire and surround myself with others who show up in a similar way. And because of these traits, I was able to launch a successful business helping others to develop in their personal, professional careers and provide leadership trainings, coaching services and mentorship programs.

It wasn't until very recently that I came to understand that my confidence, my consistent positivity could at times be creating a boundary, preventing others from feeling that they could connect with me.

I was at the gym and playfully asked one of the trainers if he saw any wrinkles on my face. He honestly pointed out that yes, he could in fact see a few lines. I yelled out - "AH HA - I knew it!" while laughing. Then I noticed that the trainer had grown still and smiled while saying, "Wow, so you are human after all!"

While this trainer and I have always gotten along well, I now realized that we hadn't had a true connection until he had glimpsed my vulnerability. I often tell my clients to "be aware of how you show up". I remind them that they receive back the energy they put out. But now, while I remind my clients to be confident and look through the lens of positivity, I also remind them that we are human and the greatest connections and true growth comes with vulnerability and sharing our humanness.

Find the space between honesty and discretion, the space between confidence and humility. Show up, authentically you.

- Mariana Thomas

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