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The Art of Stillness

"True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found." - Eckhart Tolle

In a world that is constantly in motion, the art of stillness is becoming lost. Think about it... When was the last time that you sat still, in silence? With no phone, no music, no tv or ceiling fan on to distract you?

Have you considered why we need so much outside stimulation to feel comforted, to feel at peace? Distraction has become the pacifier. Immediate connection through electronics, our security blanket. So what happens when you choose to be still? To be silent? I invite you, during the month of December, a time of cheer and chaos, to bring stillness into your life. 31 days, 5 minutes of silence each day. Can you do it? I would love to hear from you on how 5 minutes of stillness impacts your life - I know it will!

Here are a few tips to help you on this 31 day journey:

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  • Choose to do your 5 minutes of quite and stillness first thing in the morning, before doing anything else. Before checking your phone, your email or even brushing your teeth. 5 minutes immediately upon waking to become centered and grounded.

  • Put the 5 minutes on your calendar. Stillness is just as and honestly, more important than the meetings on your schedule. Think of it as a meeting with the CEO of your life, a meeting that can not be missed!

  • Designate a space within your home where you can be silent and still, where you will not be interrupted.

  • Set a timer so that you won't be thinking "how much longer do I need to do this".

  • It's helpful to being a silence and stillness practice by becoming aware of your breath. Maybe start by counting your inhales and counting your exhales without controlling either. Notice how it feels, notice the spaces in between them. Feel the breath moving around your body and your body moving around your breath.

  • Always remember: Silence and stillness is a practice. It will take time and it may cause some feelings of frustration as you work to get the "hang of it". Each time you catch your mind going down the rabbit hole of thoughts and you come back to the breath, you have succeeded!

Give stillness a try! I am excited to hear how you do! And if you have any questions, reach out to

-Mariana THomas

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