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The Battle Between My Dreams and My Ego

"A goal should scare you a little, and excite you A LOT." - Joe Vitale

Well, what if your goal scared you as much as it excited you?

I had a career that was satisfying. It paid well, I was well liked and respected, and it was killing my soul. For years, I enjoyed multiple promotions and praise from my peers and leadership teams. And so, I stayed. The consistent income and the knowledge that I was successful kept me on a path that provided minimal personal joy and fulfillment. For longer than I care to admit, I let my ego, the chatter of my mind, keep me on that path while I continued to dream my "one day" dream.

In quiet times of reflection, you may find yourself caught in that same cycle. Knowing you need to make a change but being held captive by your ego and your fears. If I ventured out on my own, would I be good enough? Would I be successful? Could I handle the financial uncertainties? Would people be disappointed in me or feel that I offered no value? If you identify yourself as the choices you make, who am I if I find the courage to make a new choice?

Learning to identify the ego as your perception of previous experiences and judgements, is a process. It takes time to learn to take a step back and view yourself, your choices and your path from a new perspective. It takes courage to acknowledge that voice and to tell it "not now". And when you finally find the space to quiet the chatter and free the dream, it happens quickly. Having been pinned up for far too long, once your dream is free, it explodes!! Through hard work, intentional living and a lot of courage, your "one day" dream has started and you begin living the life you've been made for.

For me, it was through personal growth and development with my amazing John Maxwell faculty mentors paired with the power of meditation that finally gave me the courage to go to battle with my ego and turn my dreams into my reality. The first question you need to ask yourself is not what your dream is, your soul already knows. The first question is what is your ego trying to hold on to? Second, ask yourself what would happen, really happen, if you let that thing go? Then make a plan - one step at a time. And with each step, your new path will become more and more clear and your dreams will take off.

My "one day" is here and I am living my dream. What is holding your back? When is your day?

-Mariana Thomas

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