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What's In Your Bag of Tricks?

Recently it was suggested that I would have greater success if I focused on just one thing. I thanked the person graciously and offered a smile. However, as I walked away I was struck with how limiting that thought felt. And to be honest, that wasn't the first time I had heard this perspective.

While some believe that true success can only be achieved when you focus on just one specific thing, I have found that for me, I have to follow what interests me. With meditation as my guide, I allow myself to be open to the opportunities and experiences offered. And as one colleague suggested, I am a Bag of Tricks!

I believe that everything is connected and when you are clear in your vision and intentions, not only can you be successful across different areas of interest, but you will start to notice how versatility inspires creativity and growth. This is why I will never change who I am and why I will always follow my beliefs. In other words, this bag of tricks isn't going anywhere! So I ask you: why limit yourself? Life is short and there is no reason to hold back!

Have a clear idea about who you are and what you want to achieve, then simply follow the steps that unfold before you. What interests you? What excites you? What's your passion? What's in your Bag of Tricks?

- Mariana Thomas

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