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Start the Conversation: Stand Up and Be Counted

A couple of weeks ago, I had the rewarding experience of speaking to a group of amazing kids on the importance of standing up for themselves. The event was held at a local yoga studio and with more than 25 kids in attendance, the energy was high! We discussed bullying, we participated in role playing exercises and we watched videos on self confidence and the powers of communicating. We learned, we laughed and we all left feeling so inspired and connected!

By giving our youth the education, tools and confidence to stand up for not only themselves but for others as well, we can make a difference. We can put a stop to this disturbing and unfortunate reality presenting in our schools, on the playgrounds and in our youth's social media feeds.

It's Bullying Awareness month and while that makes it a great time to shine a light on this troubling issue, it is important that we keep this topic on the top of our minds throughout the year. Each and every one of our children is an amazing, powerful treasure and it's our responsibility to make sure they know it!

Start the conversation with your youth and keep it going!

-Mariana Thomas

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